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Aldo Nova 2.0 Reloaded Collection Released
Aldo Nova has released his brand new triple disc ALDO NOVA 2.0 RELOADED collection

Singled Out: Aldo Nova's Free Your Mind
Rock veteran Aldo Nova just released his brand new concept EP, 'The Life And Times Of Eddie Gage' and to celebrate we asked Aldo to tell us about the song 'Free Your Mind'.

Aldo Nova Unveils 'The King Of Deceit' Video
Aldo Nova has released a performance video for his brand new track 'The King Of Deceit.'

Aldo Nova Shares 'Burn Like A Sun' Video
Aldo Nova has released a performance video for 'Burn Like The Sun,' the latest single from his forthcoming 10-song EP

Aldo Nova Will Have Two Special Releases In April
Aldo Nova has announced that he will be releasing two new project in April, the first chapter to his new rock opera, and a special triple disc

Aldo Nova Announce New Lineup and Virtual Show Plans
Aldo Nova has announced a new band lineup and revealed plans to stage full-scale production virtual shows next year

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